Jim Heilborn has worked in the contract furniture industry since 1979. He enjoyed many successes and worked through many challenges. He found that some of his greatest successes were realized through other people; the people he trained and coached. Jim Heilborn had the opportunity to create or re-engineer departments and make them profitable. He realized that he enjoyed that part of the business so much that in 1996 Jim decided to go out on his own, as a consultant, to offer this service to other companies. He offers a different type of training/consulting than you are probably used to hearing about. He does not come in and work with staff for one or two days for a thousand dollars (or more) per person and then disappear. He does not offer only generic, canned material.

      Jim Heilborn offers training and consulting based on your business needs and his thirty-two years of experience with companies like yours. When Jim works with your staff he speaks their language. His job is to help them see their purpose so they realize how their work and efforts impact and make a difference to your company. His experience allows him to work in many different areas of a company, from sales to operations. Jim Heilborn works differently with each company, developing an action plan based on their needs and objectives. He has set up new business units, written bids, evaluated buildings, developed work teams, obtained equipment, reviewed commission plans, provided job descriptions, and attended/facilitated quality team meetings. He has worked on and written strategic business plans and budgets. Jim assists many clients with their employee recruiting efforts. He provides pre-employment testing and employee review formats. A large portion of his business is conducted over the phone and fax, acting as a resource or quick reference point for his clients. Think about your company and the areas you would like to grow, or perhaps, approach from a different point of view. Which initiatives would you like to implement (but don't have the time or staff to begin)? That may provide an area of opportunity for both our companies. (click here for complete background and resume).