The following questions are to determine what type of sales person you are and where you fit in our sales
organization. We want to make the right decision for the both of us and enjoy a good working relationship.
Please answer the questions as honestly as possible. Think about your answers before answering.

Please choose one answer per question that best fits your sales style.

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1. As a sales person, what do you sell FIRST on a sales call?
The fine reputation of the company for which you work The great service or product you are selling
The reasonable price for the product or service Your personality, your style, yourself
2. When talking about the dollar amount of the service or product you're selling, the WORD YOU would use is:
Cost Price Investment Total
3. When you QUALIFY a customer you:
Find out if they are who they say they are Find out if their credit is good
Find out what they want Find out what they need and what they can afford
4. In general MOST people buy a PRODUCT because they:
Need it Want it
5. In a RETAIL type sale, which greeting would be best to greet a customer?
May I help you? Are you looking for something special?
Shake their hand and introduce yourself None of the above
6. In general, MOST people buy a SERVICE because they:
Need it Want it
7. What is a sales OBJECTION?
It's when you can't answer a customer's question It's the way customers react to a poor sales presentation
It's an excuse not to buy It's usually the first step in closing the customer
8. Customers make OBJECTIONS because:
They are insecure about buying your service or product They didn't like your sales pitch
You didn't do a good job of selling the customer You're selling the wrong product or service
9. When you have actually CLOSED a sale you:
Sign the contract Deliver the product or service
Get the customer's word they will buy Get the payment
10. Which word below would SCARE a customer the most?
Investment Purchase
Contract Buy
11. After you ask a CLOSING question, you should:
Immediately list all the reasons they should buy Emphasize the good price and quality
Leave them alone to make a decision Say nothing and wait for an answer
12. If you were selling the LAST product in stock and the customer complained it was SLIGHTLY damaged, you would:
Tell the customer you would order another one for him/her Tell them it's the last one, take it or leave it
Say if they are serious, you will see about a discount None of the above
13. Customers give off BUYING signs. Which example is not a buying sign?
They ask more questions They say the price is too high
They ask if it comes in another color or size They say they will make a decision tonight
14. When a customer wants to THINK it over, you should:
Give them the time they need to make a good decision Tell them it's the last one in stock and it may be gone soon
Ask them if there is an unanswered question in their mind Thank them for coming in and give them your business card
15. As an experienced salesperson, which of the following do YOU think is the MOST important item to know in a sales presentation?
The price of the goods you are selling The wholesale cost of the product or service
The correct way to read and respond to a customer Everything you can about the product or service
16. What is COLD CALLING?
Telephoning an upset customer Calling around to get the best price
Calling on a potential new customer Calling the customer after the sale
17. The very best source of NEW leads is:
Old customers Newspaper Friends Cold calling
18. If you were COLD CALLING via phone for a LOW priced product, you would expect to have:
20 new leads a week 50 new leads a week
100 new leads a week 200 new leads a week
19. Is it BETTER to be working on:
One or two REALLY big deals
One REALLY big deal and a FEW smaller ones
Many small deals and a couple BIG ones A LOT of BIG deals
20. If a customer asks you a question you CAN'T answer, you should:
Tell them what you think they want to hear Tell them you will call later with an answer
Ask them a question you know they can't answer Tell them you don't know, but will find out immediately
21. What is YOUR view of selling for a living?
It's a good living It's a game and I like to win
It's a challenge and I like to excel None of the above
22. Which one of the following would help you the most in THIS sales position?
Learn more about this company's products or services Take a good sales course
Take a body language course Learn more about the competitor's products or services
23. The BEST way to spend your time waiting in the reception area is:
To read a magazine and stay quiet Read the company's brochures and newsletter
Check over your sales materials Go over your sales pitch in your mind
24. The customer has just called and CANCELLED an order, you would:
Call them back and find out the reason Tell the boss so the goods don't sit there
Write them a letter to find out the problem Turn them over to customer support
25. Which is the most important thing YOU do after a sale?
Analyze the sale Call in a few days to thank the customer
Call the customer to see if they are satisfied Ask the customer for other potential customers
26. If you're SELLING two out of five customers, are you doing well?
Yes No
It would depend on where you worked and what you sold
27. The BEST sales approach for you is to:
Be kind and courteous Dominate and control the sale
Let the customer do most of the talking Ask questions
28. After a NO sales day OR a BAD sales day I'm:
Depressed Upset
Even, not up or down Anxious to do better tomorrow
29. If selling over the phone, you would FEEL most comfortable:
Being aggressive and read from a prepared script Being natural, relaxed, using your own words
Changing styles with different customers Being low keyed, not very aggressive but factual
30. A customer shows INTEREST when:
They cross their arms They change their tone of voice
They sit forward They talk louder
31. Your company sells a product for four times what it costs to make. Is this fair to the customer?
Yes No
I don't know It depends on where you're selling it and to whom you are selling
32. A customer is looking at the most EXPENSIVE product you offer. You know they can't afford it. Do you:
Steer them towards something they can afford Don't hurt their feelings, tell them you will try to get financing
Tell them the cheaper one is actually a better deal None of the above
33. The BEST way you have found to sell a service or product is:
On quality and price On what the customer needs
On the benefits On what everyone else is buying
34. The BEST way for YOU to have good customer relations is to:
Give the customer a good deal Give the customer what they need
Have a good customer support group Make the customer think you're their friend
35. The person most likely to LISTEN to your sales pitch is:
The sales manager The president
The controller/comptroller The secretary
36. The BEST person you have found to give your sales pitch to is:
The sales manager The president
The controller/comptroller The secretary
37. In general, MOST customers need to:
Be pushed into a sale Be lead into a sale
Be given time to make a sound decision Be convinced they can't live without it
38. When selling a client, who should be asking the most questions?
You, the salesperson The client or customer
Neither - You are there to present the product or service The client should ask questions when they don't understand
39. Your competitor is charging MORE than you. Do you say your product is:
Less expensive Cheaper More affordable A better deal
40. With what TYPE of customer are you most comfortable?
The large corporate companies or professional people The medium size companies or average working people
The small size companies or in-home sales All of the above
41. If you have taken a sales course, did it help you:
Make more sales Become more aware of mistakes you were making
Become more motivated All of the above
Never took a sales course
42. Which would you PREFER to sell:
A low cost product sale A low cost service sale
A high cost product sale A high cost service sale
43. Which compensation plan would you prefer?
A high salary with low commissions A good draw with high commissions
A mid-level salary with year-end bonus Paid by the hour
44. For which would you work harder?
A promotion A company car
A raise in pay A longer paid vacation
45. How did you learn your sales skills?
The school of "hard knocks" Good training by others
Reading books on my own All or most of the above
I need to learn sales skills
46. How many years of sales experience do you have?
None to 1 year 1 to 3 years 3 to 6 years Over 6 years
47. What is the top SALES compensation you have earned in one year?
Under $25,000 $25,000 to $50,000 $50,000 to $100,000 Over $100,000
48. How much money do you need to make each month to JUST pay bills?
$1,500 to $2,500 $2,500 to $3,500 $3,500 to $4,500 Over $4,500
49. What is the highest position you have achieved in sales?
Vice -president of sales or above Regional sales manager or above
Branch manager or above Have not yet had the chance for a management position
50. Which group of sales people are you in?
Very aggressive, work hard, steamrollers Aggressive, factual, to the point
Somewhat laid back, work smart, not hard Do your job well and enjoy life
None of the above
51. How many different sales jobs have you had?
1 to 3 4 to 6 7 to 10 More than 10

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