Moving Forward

Written by Jim Heilborn

As we close out another year, I wanted to share some thoughts with you about the future. No, I’m not going to make any predictions about the economy or business climate. What I want to write about this final time in 2022 is about moving forward.

The idea for this article came after I heard a really thought-provoking speech a few months ago. I decided to save it for this week. I took some notes so I could share some of the speaker’s insights. I hope you’ll think about your current situation and see how these might apply.

“We are all tested. We are always being tested. Success tests our gratitude. Failure tests our perseverance. No day or year is free from tests.”

There is a Hebrew word for test which is also related to another word which means to travel or move forward.

“Every test is an opportunity to move forward or to grow.”

“Sports don’t build character; they reveal it.” These words have been attributed to renowned basketball coach John Wooden and influential sportswriter Heywood Hale Broun. I think these daily tests and the way we approach and deal with them does the same thing.

The speaker said that challenges can often uncover hidden reserves and be the impetus for creating new strengths and reserves.

“We have the power to transform tests into opportunities, new understanding, and new growth.”

I’ve often heard that every client interaction should result in an order or more information. If you look at the previous sentence then you’ll see that the same things apply…the interaction is just another small test where you’re looking to find opportunities, new understanding, and new growth.

“Every day is examination day; many of life’s greatest, most valuable lessons are learned by being tested by adversity.”

While no salesperson wants an adversarial relationship with a client or their representatives, it is often an important part of the job to learn how to deal with the situations and challenges related to  winning and fulfilling an order.

As we complete another year, now is a good time for introspection, reflection, and self-evaluation.

Resolve to look inward and ask what you have to show from being tested. Life is not about just passing a test. Life’s tests are wasted if they don’t leave us a little better; a little wiser; and moving forward.

 I wish you all a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year

January 7, 2023

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